Founder of Niriv

Niriv, a pioneering search engine-based web portal, is set to revolutionize the internet landscape in Nepal. Founded on July 1, 2021, in Biratchowk, Niriv aims to provide a comprehensive network offering search, internet services, and digital content – all under one roof. At the helm of this visionary venture is Yukesh Chaudhary, an entrepreneur with a passion for building digital content networks and web applications.

Yukesh Chaudhary: A Visionary Entrepreneur

Yukesh Chaudhary, a native of Morang, stands as the driving force behind Niriv. With a keen focus on developing web applications tailored for the modern era, Yukesh has been a stalwart in the digital realm for a significant period.

Yukesh Chaudhary is a Nepalese entrepreneur and the CEO of Niriv, a prominent search and internet portal company. Niriv also functions as a media parent company and owns several subsidiary brands.

The Significance of Niriv

1. Addressing Market Dynamics

While giant international companies dominate the search engine market share, Nepal, with its increasing data usage, lacks a local web portal. Niriv steps in to bridge this gap by establishing a centralized hub that amalgamates search, services, and digital media within one network.

2. Unifying Internet Services

As the number of internet users continues to soar, Niriv aspires to be the go-to service hub for all. By offering a wide array of services such as email, shopping, blogging, and more under one domain, Niriv envisions a seamless online experience for users. This approach eliminates the need for users to navigate multiple sites, streamlining their access to information and services.

3. Building a Trustworthy Information Hub

In a landscape where misinformation abounds, Niriv emerges as a reliable source of information, be it governmental, local, or international. By consolidating trustworthy news sources and governmental information, Niriv aims to combat the spread of fake news and misinformation that adversely affects internet users’ mental health.

4. Inspired by

Taking inspiration from the South Korean search and web giant,, Niriv aims to introduce unmatched services not currently available in the Nepali internet world. The vision is to create a modern search engine and web portal that meets the evolving needs of users.

The Future Vision

Niriv envisions a better future for the web industry in Nepal by offering a localized search engine and web portal. By combining innovative services, trustworthy information dissemination, and user-friendly features, Niriv seeks to carve a niche in the digital landscape and contribute to the growth of the web industry in the country. As internet usage continues to surge, Niriv stands poised to redefine the online experience for Nepali users, providing them with a comprehensive and seamless platform.